Estate history

1,000 years of history, 600 in the same family.

You will find the Manor of Trelowarren in the 11th century Domesday Book, but it was farmed, forested and hunted over long before that.

Trelowarren's first recorded owner was Earl Harold, the victor of Stamford Bridge but the loser at Hastings, which probably explains why ownership passed to Robert Mortain, half-brother of the Conqueror, Duke William of Normandy.

The Vyvyans, who had lived in Cornwall at least since the 13th century, inherited the Manor through marriage in 1427 and have run it as a working estate ever since.

They feature prominently in the history of the country as well as the county. Hanibal Vyvyan was MP for Truro when the Spanish Armada threatened the West Country, and subsequently Governor of St Mawes Castle and Vice-Admiral of Cornwall when the Spaniards raided Penzance and Mousehole.

A later Vyvyan, Sir Richard, became the first Baronet for his services to the Crown throughout the Civil War and during the Restoration.

At the outbreak of the war, he was appointed Colonel of the Regiment of Foot in the Hundred of Powder, and later commissioned to set up mints, first in Truro, then in Exeter. He was made Master of the Mint and subsequently put in charge of the fort at Dennis Head, at the mouth of the Helford River.

The summit of his career came in 1664 when he was made a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber and then Captain of St Mawes Castle by Charles II.

The current owner, Sir Ferrers Vyvyan, inherited the 1,000-acre estate in 1995. He is the 13th Baronet, whose motto might have been coined for Trelowarren's new direction and those who share in it: Dum Vivimus, Vivamus - "While we live, let us live."

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Trelowarren Chapel.

"My family has lived here for almost six hundred years and I am determined that future generations of both my own family and visitors from around the world enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed - an unspoiled and peaceful community"

Sir Ferrers Vyvyan

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